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Natus Vincere founder launches DreamTeam Management platform for amateur and pro esports teams

Natus Vincere's founder launched DreamTeam Management to help esports players and teams.
Natus Vincere's founder launched DreamTeam Management to help esports players and teams. Photo by Bart Oerbekke/ESL.

Alexander “ZeroGravity” Kokhanovskyy, the founder of esports organization Natus Vincere, announced Tuesday a new company called DreamTeam Management, a platform designed to assist amateur, semi-pro, and pro esports teams.

“With 17 years of esports experience I personally progressed from amateur player, to semi-professional, to professional CS:GO player, and then to team captain, coach, manager and CEO,” Kokhanovskyy said in a statement. “Wearing all of these hats gave me the unique perspective of the challenges players and teams face. By removing the barrier to entry, I am confident that the launch of DreamTeam will lead to a hundreds of thousands of new clubs and teams in upcoming years, and will significantly increase esports market revenue and viewership.”

With the beta version scheduled to launch next month, the platform is designed to give users detailed information about players and teams, assisting in player recruitment. The machine learning algorithm of DreamTeam will also be able to match players with similar abilities, linking them to team-building organizations.

In terms of team management, DreamTeam will also allow users to sort media rights sales, sponsorships, player salaries, and prize money through platform’s token system, which works to ensure secure online payments, on-time payments, “automated obligations control” and an anti-fraud system. Other included tools will help teams with coaching, analysis, scouting, and marketing.

Kokhanovskyy is also the co-owner of ESForce, which is a majority shareholder in and SK Gaming and owns the media rights to Natus Vincere. He stepped down as Na’Vi’s CEO in January, but the relationship between ESForce and the three teams has been under scrutiny from the Counter-Strike community in the last year.

Cover photo by Bart Oerbekke/ESL,


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