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GorillA to Wolf, playfully: “I’m tired of seeing him. I want to see less of him but he keeps making his way up the tournament.”

GorillA is sick of seeing Wolf and SKT in important LCK matches
GorillA would like to not have to see SKT and Wolf anymore in important matches. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Longzhu Gaming support Kang “GorillA” Beom-hyun jokingly said that he was quite tired of seeing SK Telecom T1‘s Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan in the League Champions Korea finals.

The two teams will play Saturday for the LCK summer championship, and both players took part in a video interview with Fomos as part of a preview for the match.

“I’m tired of seeing him,” GorillA said, with a playful smile. “I want to see less of him but he keeps making his way up the tournament.”

Wolf responded: “I agree, let’s end this. I want to play against some new blood in the tournament, too.”

The two players have met four times in the LCK playoffs and and League of Legends World Championship since 2015, with Wolf’s team basting GorillA’s in all four of them. Given the history, GorillA confessed he wasn’t too keen on facing SKT in the finals, but he wasn’t surprised that he would yet again have to go through Wolf and SKT to reach the top.

“I did think they would make it up, but in my heart I was hoping that KT would make it to the finals,” GorillA said. “I went to bed after seeing KT lead 2-0 (in the semifinal match against SKT), but when I woke up I heard SKT won. I kind of rolled with it, thinking ‘I guess they did make it to the finals after all.'”

Although SKT has stopped GorillA’s former team, the ROX Tigers, in its tracks many times, both he and Wolf seem to share a special bond as veteran support players. Apart from sharing a role with nicknames pertaining to animals, the two players are also sick quite often, which has apparently become a hilarious point of solidarity among them.

“We often joke about who gets more sick during the season, so I hope the both of us can be healthier,” Wolf said. “Let it be wrists, or other forms of health. I hope we both play for a long time, since it is comforting to play with someone you’re familiar with.”

With the fifth face-off just around the corner, the support players agreed that for the sake of the players’ mental health, a full-game series would be inadvisable, preferring a three or four game series.

“The best scenario is 3-0 or 3-1,” GorillA said. “When it comes down to Game 5, it’s a battle of luck. It comes down to which team gets luckier and doesn’t get swept up by their opponent’s pace. (A five-game series) is hard even for the winner. I hope either team wins 3-0 or 3-1. If it ends in a 3-0, I hope they’re all close games and not a stomp.”

Wolf added: “I also think a 3-0 is the cleanest score from a player’s perspective. If we lose Game 1, I think we’ll win 3-2, and if we win Game 1, I think we’ll win 3-0.”

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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