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In latest League of Legends PBE update, Nautilus’ hook refunds half of the mana cost when used on a piece of terrain

Nautilus will receive changes in an upcoming League of Legends patch.
Nautilus will receive changes in an upcoming League of Legends patch. Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Nautilus‘ hook and Fiora‘s ultimate received changes in Thursday’s update to League of Legends Public Beta Environment, among other balance tweaks.

Nautilus’ Q, Dredge Line, is a skill shot hook that drags him toward enemies pieces of terrain on the map that get hit by his hook. In the latter’s case, half of the mana cost is now refunded, and the cooldown timer is also reduced by half. Nautilus’ Q is often used as an engagement tool or an escape tool, based on what he needs. The new change will give him more of a chance to create — or close — distance between him and enemy champions.

Fiora’s ultimate also received a new effect. Now when she hits any of the four vital points that appear on the target of her ultimate, the passive speed boost gained by doing so lasts twice as long, which means she can pop more vital points reliably. Fiora’s ultimate was a subject to a change this season, removing the movement speed she would get by simply activating it. This new change might give her that kind of mobility back a bit.

Azir gets a change, but not a big one

Azir received a change to his ult, but not the big one that has been teased for weeks. The damage on his ultimate has increased at Ranks 2 and 3, while keeping it the same at Rank 1.

Aatrox gets a buff

Speaking of oft-ignored champions that whose names start with the letter “A,” Aatrox received a buff to his ultimate. The auto-attack range gain increased from 175 to 250.

Ivern gets a buff to his shield

While utility tank supports are roaming the meta right now, Ivern has been quite absent, but perhaps this buff will do the trick. The magic damage dealt to enemies when his shield bursts has increased at all ranks, and the ability power ratio on that magic damage has increased from 70 to 80 percent.

Ryze’s damage on his root gets tripled

Ryze‘s W, which roots an enemy unit, had its AP damage increased from 20 percent to 60. The ability was kept with a small AP ratio due to the fact that it’s more of a soft crowd control ability, but now it might look like it can be a larger part of some burst damage combos

Jarvan IV gets the one champion nerf of the patch

Unlike most of the above champions listed, Jarvan IV has been making regular appearance in competitive play, which means it’s nerf time. His W’s base shield value was lowered at all ranks, and the bonus shielding he gets per enemy champion he hits with his W was also reduced from Ranks 3 to 5.

Knight’s Vow is cheaper, gives less health

The tanking item of choice for some junglers and supports will not be cheaper to afford with 2,200 gold, but the health it gives will be reduced to 250.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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