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Highlights of Longzhu Gaming’s LCK final press conference

Longzhu Gaming stunned SK Telecom T1 3-1 in the finals of the League Champions Korea summer playoffs. Slingshot’s Emily Rand was on hand for the final and listened to the post-game press conference. Here are some of the highlights (translated by Andrew Kim):

Q. When did you get the feeling you would win today’s match?

Kang “GorillA” Beom-hyun: After winning the first game smoothly I thought we do have a shot to take the title. I felt like today was our day.

Kim “PraY” Jong-in: Although we took the victories for the first two games, I didn’t think we won smoothly, considering that we’re facing SKT, which is good at playing from behind. I think we were able to conclude the match well after getting caught off guard in Game 3 and adjusted our drafts.

Q. Why did the team go for damage dealing top laners instead of tanky ones?

Kim “Khan” Dong-ha: There is about one or two top lane champions that really thrive in the current tank meta, and with the five-ban system, we can ban those strong picks, and crate an environment where bruisers can be viable. I felt more confident in my play as a dealer, rather than a tank. so in Game 4 I went for Jayce, and felt like we could do the same play we did in Game 3. I felt like we were going win when I grabbed the Jayce pick.

Q. Can you give more details on the accidental pause that happened during the match?

Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan: I put the pause down because I accidentally alt-tabbed, when I just meant to press tab to look at the score and held down Alt to ping. Getting back to the game can take some time, and Bdd was asking me to cover for the lane, which is why I asked for a quick pause.

Q. How were you able to maintain your level of play over a long career?

PraY: I took some time off, around six to seven months, and during that time I learned to appreciate the profession that is pro gaming, and I wanted to play on the stage again in front of a crowd. I think I kept working hard to bring my performance in line because I don’t want to take time off again. I think I am able to somewhat maintain my form because I dedicate myself to practice even at the price of sleep sometimes.

Q. Why ban Maokai for the majority of the match but then let it go for one game?

Coach Kim Jeong-soo: We banned Maokai because Khan still has trouble playing it and Cho’gath in the tanking meta. Rather than minimizing the shortcomings of the players, we thought it would be better to amplify their strong points, and placed our faith in Khan as a carrying player by creating a space where he can rampage around the rift with the drafting. We banned Le Blanc instead of Maokai since Faker was able to snowball very quickly, so we wanted to slow them down.

Q. What was the “secret pick” that you teased during the media day?

Coach Choi Seung-min: Frozen (Kim Tae-il) told us that mid lane Kayn was a good pick, so we told the mid laners to try it out in solo queue, but it wasn’t that great. Bdd (Kwak Bo-seong) played about eight games but lost most of them, and we thought it would be an interesting mind game to play during the media day at the very least. As for GorillA’s Lux pick, it has been proven a number of times, but we didn’t get to show it today because the drafting didn’t allow for it.

Q. Final thoughts before going to worlds.

Bdd: I’m very happy that we made it to worlds, and I’m excited to face against the many talented mid laners of the world. Since SKT is also making it to worlds, I’d like a rematch against them as well.


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