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Korean Overwatch giant Lunatic-Hai plans to enter CS:GO and PUBG

Lunatic-Hai plans to enter CS:GO and PUBG
Lunatic-Hai plans to enter CS:GO and PUBG

South Korean esports organization Lunatic-Hai announced Sunday through Facebook it will venture into Counter-Strike and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

“Our team is planning to enter new games, as well as opening an official website,” the announcement reads. “The games are Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds…Additionally, we hope to clarify on some current misunderstandings. Lunatic-Hai has been a FPS clan, and have been operated for a long history. We are currently separate from the sponsor of the Overwatch team.”

Lunatic-Hai has been active in the professional scene of a number of different FPS games before its jump into Overwatch. Previously an active team in Counter Strike 1.6, the organization’s history can be traced back to as early as 2001. The team has entered into a number of major tournaments in the region and competed in the IEM Season III Asian Championship Finals in 2008, coming in second to e-STRO.

Lunatic-Hai is currently most well-known for its globally famous Overwatch team, which won the Season 2 and 3 championships for OGN’s Overwatch APEX. The entire roster and coaching staff also recently signed to become Seoul’s roster for Blizzard’s upcoming Overwatch League.

The roster plans for Lunatic-Hai’s CS:GO and PUBG teams are not yet clear.


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