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New competitive mode called Clash could be coming soon to League of Legends

A new game mode called Clash could be coming soon to League of Legends
Clash could be the newest game mode in League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

A new team-based competitive mode called Clash could be coming soon to League of Legends, according to Tuesday’s update to the Public Beta Environment.

Some new files have been added to the PBE that reference a new mode called “Clash,” and though nothing is enabled on the current patch, a number of image assets have been added. Ben “Riot Draggles” Forbes shed some light on the new game mode in a separate post on League of Legends forums.

“We’re on PBE soon for an upcoming feature test in Vietnam for a new team-based competitive mode,” he wrote. “Anything you see will be a work in progress and subject to change! We don’t have anything to share on this front yet outside of the VN server, but we’ll definitely let you know what’s going down when we’re closer to a global release.”

Changes to Ornn’s ability to upgrade items

As Ornn‘s ability to create upgrades of certain items has the tendency to cause some poor itemization choices, a measure to prevent those problems has been implemented. The masterwork upgrades are now only available after Ornn reaches Level 13, which is a mid-to-late game boost to the team. Hopefully the changes allow players to build their core items first before going into upgrading.

The Iron Locket of the Solari upgrade has a changed effect as well. The size of the shield had been reduced from 38 plus another 22 per level to 35 plus 22 per level. A new effect has been added that reduces the shield amount to zero percent if the allied target has been affected by another Locket of the Iron Solari in the last five seconds.

Zhonya’s Hourglass is now upgradable by Ornn. Named Zhonya’s Paradox, it’ll cost 1,000 gold to upgrade, which will give the item an extra 30 ability power and 15 armor.

Tweaks to Rakan and Cassiopeia 

Cassiopeia has received some tweaks to her main damage source, Twin Fang. The bonus magic damage to already poisoned targets has gone down at all ranks, but the ability power ratio has gone up from 40 to 50 percent. What this means is that the ability does more reliable damage just by itself depending on the item build, not having to rely on poisoning targets.

Rakan‘s ultimate was also tweaked. It now has a lower cooldown time at Ranks 2 and 3, but the collision radius of his ultimate’s charm has been reduced from 200 to 150. Rakan players will now have to get closer to charm enemy targets, but they will be able to do so more often.

Knight’s Vow gets a change

The popular tanking item that also helps keep squishy allies alive got a change. Instead of healing 12 percent of the damage that the partner deals to champions, the owner of the item will be healed 30 for every 250 damage the partner deals.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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