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Fiora’s ultimate ability goes through another change in League of Legends PBE

Fiora is receiving more changes in the League of Legends PBE
Fiora's tinkering continued in the League of Legends PBE. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Fiora‘s ultimate underwent another change in an update Tuesday to League of Legends’ Public Beta Environment, giving her a mobility boost that was previously patched out.

Fiora’s ultimate, Grand Challenge, has gone through a number of changes in the current season. In Patch 7.14, Riot Games removed the movement speed boost she received when she was around the targeted enemy champion, while also nerfing the bonus movement speed on her passive when she successfully attacked the enemy champion’s vital point.

In Patch 7.16, the bonus movement speed she got when hitting an enemy vital point was brought up in the mid to late game, but not to the previous values. With her added mobility gone and the advent of the tank meta, she has been played far less as a split pusher in competitive play.

The latest update to the PBE will re-apply Fiora’s movement speed boost with her ultimate. This is near identical to the previous incarnation of Grand Challenge, putting her at a net nerf on her passive movement speed boost.

Aatrox gets a revert

The recent buff Aatrox received to his auto attack range when he activates his ultimate has been reverted to the current live values. The change to his Q, which removes interruptions when he’s on the way down on his dive, is still applied.

Lee Sin gets a buff on his shield

One of the most popular junglers in the past, Lee Sin has received a small buff to his W, Safeguard. The shield that activates when he Safeguards to an allied champion has been buffed to take more damage at all levels.

Lucian nerf

After seeing some time in the mid lane instead of the bottom, Lucian’s E was nerfed. The cooldown timer has increased at earlier ranks, reducing his mobility by a bit.

Rengar buff

Just a base armor increase of 25 from 22.

The Spellthief’s Edge support item line gets some changes

As Ancient Coin and Relic Shield seems to dominate the support item builds, Riot hopes to put Spellthief’s Edge back as a good item choice. The second stage of the item, Frost Fang, now gives an extra 5 percent in cooldown reduction. The two third stages, Frost Queen’s Claim and Eye of the Watchers, received a 100 gold price increase. Keep in mind that those two items just received an extra 10 percent cooldown reduction, bringing it up to a total of 20 percent.

You can turn the Baron skin on and off 

Baron Nashor received a new championship-themed skin Friday, which can be turned on and off in the option menu, just like the previous arcade-themed skin for Summoner’s Rift.

New summoner icons for Clash added

Rioter Ben “Riot Draggles” Forbes confirmed that three new summoner icons have been added to the PBE that are tied to the new competitive game mode Clash, which was leaked last week.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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