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Fiora receives another movement speed buff in League of Legends PBE

Fiora will receive further tuning in the League of Legends PBE
Fiora will receive further tuning in the League of Legends PBE. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Fiora could be in line for a further buff, as revealed Wednesday in the League of Legends Public Beta Environment.

The changes could put Fiora back in the position of a lane-dominant split push threat. Her passive, Duelist’s Dance, allows her to identify vital points on enemy champions. When she successfully lands an attack on a vital point, she deals true damage as well as getting a boost in movement speed for a short amount of time. The latest buff increased the movement speed burst at all ranks.

Riot Games has done a complete 180 on Fiora, as it previously took away Fiora’s movement speed in multiple ways. In Patch 7.14, the burst of movement speed was taken down a notch, as was the movement speed boost she received when she was near the enemy champion that was the target of her ultimate ability. But in recent PBE updates, not only did she get the movement speed increase on her ultimate back, but now she’s received a further boost to her passive.

Although Fiora has been missing in competitive play recently, the buffs might put her back on the map, as the tank meta is running rampant once more. With high mobility and true damage, Riot could be intending to making her into an early-game tank buster that can be a high-damage split push threat once again.

A couple balance reverts

Ornn‘s W was reverted back to dealing damage based on the enemy’s current health from max health, and the magic damage on Tristana’s ultimate has also been reverted to the current live values.

Jungle champions tweaked

Elise‘s W in human form, Volatile Spiderling, does less damage at all ranks, with a significant drop at later ones. The ability power ratio has been increased to 95 percent to compensate, which means it’ll hurt a lot more after she has her core damage items.

Lee Sin received a tweak to his W after an initial change applied Tuesday. The size of the shield when he dashes to an allied champion was toned down at all ranks, but is still bigger than it is in the current live values.

Gragas’ base armor has also been lowered to 26.05.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games



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