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SKT to play League of Legends show match with K-Pop group Gugudan as part of campaign to prevent missing children

SK Telecom T1‘s League of Legends team will play a show match against K-Pop group Gugudan as part of a campaign to prevent children from going missing.

According to a news release, the campaign is in partnership with the SK Telecom company and the Seoul police department, and SKT T1 and Gugudan have been enlisted in a way to garner attention from the public. As a special event, members of SKT and Gugudan will play a League of Legends match Wednesday in the OGN e-stadium in Seoul on Sept. 13. 500 fans will be able to watch the match can sign up through an online form, and SKT’s official Facebook page will announce the 500 winners.

The teams will be a mix of the SKT players and K-Pop stars because, well, nobody wants to see the pop stars get crushed by the three-time world champions. The match won’t be streamed live, but a VOD will be available Sept. 26 on OGN’s YouTube channel and the Facebook pages of OGN and SKT T1.

As a part of the campaign, SKT’s official YouTube channel will feature a series of six videos until Sept. 26. The video will range from the individual members of the League of Legends team talking about child safety, as well as behind-the-scenes footage leading up to the show match with Gugudan. A teaser video was already posted Monday to lead the series.

Gugudan is a nine-member women K-Pop group that debuted in June of last year under the Jellyfish talent agency. Its debut album, “Act. 1 The Little Mermaid” had a strong opening week, with all of the album’s songs making it into the top 100 charts in Korea.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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