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Madlife on Bdd: “When I first met him, I thought he was a talented Zed player that would be able to play any champion in the future.”

Madlife had high praise for Bdd
Madlife had high praise for Bdd. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Hong “Madlife” Min-ki said he thought that Kwak “Bdd” Bo-seong was a talented player who would be able to play anything when they first met as teammates.

In a series of interviews with Madlife and Bdd from Fomos, both players reflected on their careers so far, sharing their thoughts about one another. When asked how Madlife’s perception of Bdd changed since they first played on CJ Entus, Madlife said that he was impressed from Day 1.

“When I first met him, I thought he was a talented Zed player that would be able to play any champion in the future,” he said. “I personally think that once you master a certain champion, you can do well as other champions with enough practice. Bdd was good with Zed at first, and as he grew as a player his champion pool widened along with the depth of his understanding of champions, which contributed to his rapid improvement, and was vindicated through an LCK championship. I think he will continue to shine.”

After some seasons in obscurity with both CJ and Longzhu Gaming, Bdd had a meteoric rise in the LCK this summer, becoming one of the rivals of Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. Bdd went as far as besting the three time world champion in the League Champions Korea summer finals, winning his first LCK trophy and a berth to this year’s League of Legends World Championship as Korea’s top seed.

Bdd’s admiration for Madlife is well documented, and he often refers to his former teammate as his husband on social media. Although Madlife has come a long way since his beginning, Bdd said that in his eyes, Madlife will always be a god of hooks.

“I think that Madlife was one of the major players that represented LoL in the early days, and I think I’ll maintain that perception until the game is gone,” he said. “Madlife is a once in a lifetime player, like how Faker is today. I hope people continue to understand what it means when people say ‘Madlife.'”

“I think he’ll work harder with the championship as a stepping stone and open up the age of Bdd,” Madlife added, predicting Bdd’s future. “This is just the start for him. It’s a great feeling to define a generation of play, and I hope and believe that he will be able to reach that point in his career.”

This year’s worlds will be a first for both Bdd and Longzhu, as the team is riding on the hype train following its LCK triumph. Bdd said  he aims to win worlds so that he may properly thank the people who helped build his career.

“I didn’t get to thank the head coach at CJ or the players I worked with because I was crying,” he said. “I still want to win worlds and thank them properly then. I did get some confidence after beating a team like SKT in the LCK, and though I don’t know if we can win worlds, I do have the confidence that we can.”

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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