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Korean StarCraft player Larva dons Conor McGregor cosplay for ASL match

Korean StarCraft pro Larva impersonated Conor McGregor during a recent ASL match.
Korean StarCraft pro Larva impersonated Conor McGregor during a recent ASL match.

Korean StarCraft player Im “Larva” Hong-gyu paid homage to the Irish MMA star Conor McGregor during a recent match in the Afreeca Starcraft League.

Larva played against Lee “Light” Jae-ho in Sunday’s round of 24, and ended the first game in three minutes after discovering Light’s attempt at creating a proxy-Barracks right next to his base and rushing Light’s base with a collection of Zerglings.

Sporting McGregor’s signature sunglasses, red hair and a red beard, Larva did his best McGregor impersonation when sitting down for the match. After the quick victory, Larva took advantage of the camera time and delivered a quick ceremony, where he walked with his hands behind his back — another McGregor trait — and also threw some fake warmup punches.

Larva lost his next match to Park “Baxter” Joon-oh after Larva tried a daring engagement across the map. With one more win necessary to qualify for the round of 16, Larva had to face Light again in the final match of the day. After a much longer and closer game that lasted 17 minutes, Larva claimed victory again to take proceed to the next round.

In the post-match interview, Larva stayed in character for pockets of time, calling out FlaSh and telling him to “look forward” to their matchup, even joking that he’ll be buying his wife a brand new Mercedes-Benz C-Class with the tournament’s winnings.

Photos courtesy of AfreecaTV


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