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Azir already receives slight nerf in PBE

Azir received a slight nerf in her rework.
More Azir changes are happening. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

The Wednesday update to League of Legends’ Public Beta Environment, which includes extensive changes to Janna, also includes a nerf to Azir‘s update that entered testing one day earlier.

The ability power ratio on his W, which summons sand soldiers that attack enemies that Azir commands them to, has been reduced from 0.7 to 0.6. It’s important to keep in mind that this is still quite the boost to damage, and that’s still not counting the increased amount of damage from the soldiers per level, the increased summoning range, and the attack speed steroid upon summoning a new soldier that also increases the damage output.

The scaling down of the AP ratio is most likely a way to keep his damage in check so the soldiers don’t become too much of a threat to face. The nerfs and changes to his other abilities are still in effect, and are subject to change.

Brand’s W gets a mana cost refund

Although he’s clearly meant to be a mid lane mage, Brand is still played primarily in the support role and a potential buff was mentioned in a recent dev corner post. In order to make laning easier, his W has a new added effect in which he gains mana for each enemy unit he kills with it. That means he can potentially gain a large chunk of mana back by last-hitting minions with the W, which is a burst of damage in an area.

Aatrox’s ultimate gets changed again

The auto attack range increase with Aatrox‘s ultimate has been increased to 225 again. The range has been moving back and forth between values for the past couple of PBE updates.

Caitlyn gets some changes

Caitlyn received some small stat tweaks. Her HP per level is increased to 85, her base HP is lowered to 450, attack sped per level is lowered to four, and her base HP regen is lowered to 1.13.

Her passive — which gives her an empowered attack after a certain number of auto attacks — got a slight nerf. Now instead of six auto attacks Caitlyn has to make eight.

Her Q received what looks like a buff. The damage to targets after the first enemy unit hit by the Q will do 33 percent less damage, which is slightly scaled up from the 50 percent damage reduction in the live patch. That will increase her in-lane damage potential and wave clear.

Her traps also received some tweaks. The mana cost for each trap has been increased to 30 each, and the duration of the trap has been lowered at all ranks. However the Headshot damage increase against enemy champions that step in the traps have increased at all ranks, and the bonus AD ratio to enemies that stepped in the trap has been decreased at early ranks but increased at later ranks.

Zeke’s Convergence gets a nerf

Following the price decrease from Tuesday, the Frost storm damage — which is triggered when the item holder casts an ultimate near the allied champion they’ve bound with — received a slight nerf of 40 magic damage per second from 60.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Ganes


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