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Brand will likely receive a small update after worlds

Brand will likely receive changes after worlds
League of Legends champion Brand could be tweaked after the League of Legends World Championship. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Following the League of Legends World Championship, the champion Brand will likely receive a small update, according to a dev corner post by Riot Games’ Andrei “Meddler” van Roon.

“We mentioned we’d take another look at something small to help solo lane Brand out a bit sometime post-worlds patch,” he wrote. “Still planning to do that, potentially in this next cycle. Something small’s likely to mean something like a small bonus (e.g. mana restored) when CSing with particular spells to give us a lever to put power into non support Brand specifically when needed. Give him some better harass and wave clear if he’s CSing well basically. Not expecting that’ll solve everything Brand needs, but would like to get something quick for him before preseason if possible.”

Although he’s designed to be a burst-heavy mid lane mage, Brand has actually seen more play in the bottom lane as a cheese pick that out-damages a lane to snowball an advantage. Brand has a role-identity crisis of sorts, and the laning boost might give players a reason to take him in the mid lane.

Explaining more changes to Frost Queen’s Claim

Changes to the Spellthief’s item line went live Wednesday in Patch 7.18, and they diverged a bit from the original plans. Meddler explained the changes were “right at the end of the 7.18 cycle” and what was intended to be a tweak of cooldown reduction to make the item more powerful for supports resulted in mid laners picking the item, too.

“Flexibility of item use across positions isn’t in and of itself a problem, in this case it looked like it was at risk of making some champs (e.g. Cass) potentially too dominant,” he wrote. “We made some late changes to FQ’s as a result, uping the CD on minion kills by a couple of seconds and changing it so it gets extra CDR at T2 (now 10 percent), but doesn’t increase further at T3. Intent there is that it’s a better choice for supports building it and then going for other items, without pushing it to T3, without being too warping if picked up by others.”

New prototypes blog might be in the works

Riot released a blog last year that traced the prototype builds for Ganr, Rek’sai, and Kled. As those three were released fairly recently, the blog was a timely release of how Riot designs, tests, and releases a champion. A potential new blog will likely cover a champion that was released sine Gnar, and interested players can tell the team what they’d like to see. The release date of the blog is set to be either late this year or early next year.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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