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More experimental Vayne changes enter League of Legends PBE

Vayne received more changes in the League of Legends PBE
After recent reverts, more Vayne tweaks are possible in League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Vayne has gone through another cycle of potential changes that were released Tuesday into the League of Legends Public Beta Environment after the revert of her previous PBE touch-ups following player feedback.

Her Q will no longer be able to trigger critical hits, but attack damage ratio on her Q’s bonus damage has gone up by 20 percent at all ranks to compensate. The true damage on her W stacks have been decreased at early levels, but the minimum true damage floor increased in the early game, while it was decreased in the late game.

The big change is to her ultimate, as it was previously. The duration of her ultimate is extended by four seconds whenever a champion dies within three seconds after being damaged by Vayne. The bonus duration does have a limit, though, as it cannot go past the ability’s original eight second duration.

The new changes were previewed last week, and the changes to Vayne’s Q and W are about the same. The duration extension for her ultimate will make her an even better duelist than she is right now, since it gives her a boost of 30 attack damage and increases the passive movement speed she gets when chasing after a fleeing enemy champion. In the scenario of a full-on team fight, a smart Vayne will be able to make the best of her ultimate by elongating it with smart targeting.

The development team seems to be determined to make changes to her ultimate, as her reverted change on the PBE gave her the ability to heal 20 percent of the maximum health of an enemy champion she takes down. The consensus was that the life steal for a true damage tank-buster like Vayne was a bit too much, and the duration extension seems much more reasonable in comparison.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games



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