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Janna undergoes extensive changes that affect early laning in League of Legends PBE

Janna received extensive nerfs in the League of Legends PBE
Extensive changes to Janna could be coming in League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Janna, the most “carry-able” support champion, underwent an extensive list of changes with some notable nerfs in Wednesday’s update to League of Legends’ Public Beta Environment.

As one of the most hated support champions as an opponent, Janna has a reputation of needing very little skill to succeed and has potential to impact the laning phase with a small number of abilities. Base stats wise, her base attack damage is lowered to 49, her HP per level is lowered to 70, her base movement speed is lowered to 320, and the base attack damage per level is lowered to 2. Increases were applied to her base health, which is now 500, and attack range, which is 550.

Her passive received a nerf and a new effect attached to it. Allied champions moving toward Janna in an area will get a 5 percent movement speed boost from the previous level of 8 percent. The new effect will let her deal bonus magic damage to her auto attacks equal to 35 percent of her movement speed.

Her Q also received buffs. The mana cost of the ability is lowered at all ranks, and the cooldown will be set at 12 seconds at all ranks instead of a scaling one. An added tooltip is that her tornado will always reach its destination in 1.5 seconds. Because the tornado moves farther based on how long the ability is charged, this also means that the tornado will moveg a lot faster the more it’s charged, giving it a strategic window for the more predictive players.

Her W, a point-and-click slow, was nerfed. The casting range has been decreased to 550, the cooldown is increased to 12 seconds at all ranks, and the bonus movement speed Janna gets as the passive portion of the ability is lowered at earlier ranks.

The nerf to her shield perhaps has the largest impact on her laning experience. The cooldown timer has been increased to 18 seconds at rank 1, scaling down to 10 seconds at rank 5. Janna’s lane dominance with her AD Carry comes from this shield, as it not only protects her ally, but also empowers their attack damage as part of the ability

In the early laning phase, when there aren’t a lot of items, her shield can easily be used to take the lane advantage with favorable damage trading, with the added benefit of having no counter play to it. With a substantially longer cooldown timer at earlier levels, the opportunities to trade damage has been decreased by a large margin.

Her synergy with Ardent Censer — which gave shielded allies more magic damage and heals for auto attacks — pushed her to the top of the support tier lists. Nerfs have been levied to the item in Patch 7.17, changes to Janna were pushed back to see where she stands, but it seems like Janna was in the need for nerfs in order to pursue more “skill expression,” which was previously referenced.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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