Newbee and LGD.FY make no roster shuffles

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‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

Among all of the roster shuffles so far in the Dota 2 season, the lack of movement for Newbee and LGD.Forever Young makes me ambivalent. I’ve said for a long time now that Newbee needs to shuffle if only to bring in an experienced element that won’t let the team choke once it reaches the final stages of a major tournament. Having said that, there is one caveat to Newbee’s The International 7 run in that the team never choked per se, but it never had a chance to beat Team Liquid. I still think there is a choke factor in Newbee, and it’s not as if Dota 2 will stay on the current patch for very long. I think I’d still have liked to see a change, but I can see why they stuck together.

As for LFY, which did have a chance to beat Liquid, they just needed an upgrade in one of the core positions in terms of skill. I’ll give some examples: Hao for Monet, blink for Super, or Faith_bian for inflame. I think they’re all decent changes that don’t disrupt too much. Having said that, LFY was legitimately close to beating Liquid and was in my opinion the second best team at TI7. In that sense, it might be too early, and they should at least keep running the lineup for now.


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