Seoul Overwatch League team signs former MVP coach

The Seoul Overwatch League team signed another coach.
The Seoul Overwatch League team signed another coach.

KSV Esports, the owner of the Seoul franchise in Overwatch League, announced Wednesday the signing of coach Kim “nuGget” Yo-han, formerly the coach of MVP Space and Infinity.

As one of the earliest professional gamers in Korea, nuGget’s career dates back to Quake 3. He led MVP Infinity to a top four finish in Season 1 of OGN APEX Challengers, and MVP Space to a top four finish in Season 3 of Challengers.

“I will work hard to be the best possible coach for the best team in esports suing my experience and triumphs from when I was a player,” nuGet said in a news release. “I want to offer my sincere thanks to the Seoul team of the Overwatch League, and I am very happy for the opportunity.”

KSV Esports is run by entrepreneur Kevin Chou and was one of the first seven franchises to be announced for Overwatch League. The team acquired the roster and coaching staff of Lunatic-Hai last month and has also enlisted fan help in deciding a name for the team. The team will temporarily relocate to Los Angeles for the first season of Overwatch League, which will be held at Blizzard’s new arena in Burbank.


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