Immortals signs Dota 2 team, Newbee and Team Liquid invited to ESL One Hamburg

Our top stories from Wednesday:

Why ESL One New York 2016 was the tournament of broken promises.

Azir received a slight nerf in the League of Legends PBE.

Janna underwent extensive changes in a PBE update.

Immortals signed a Dota 2 team.

The Seoul Overwatch League team added a coach.

The Prices and contents were revealed of the Blue Essence store.

Team Liquid and Newbee were invited to ESL One Hamburg, the first Dota 2 Major of the new season.

More experimental Vayne changes hit the PBE.

HellRaisers signed woxic after a trial period.

Comcast Spectacor reportedly joined Overwatch League.

Brand will likely receive a small update after worlds.

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League of Legends

What it was like to witness SKT’s downfall at the LCK finals.

Why TSM lucked out in the worlds group draw.


Immortals gave a statement about kNg’s upcoming absence at ELEAGUE.

Boomeo, the practice site run by WME|IMG, shut down.

Why Mirage might be CS:GO’s most important map.

An interview with the CEO of Space Soldiers.

Previewing Group B of the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier.


A preview of the OGN APEX quarterfinals.

Almost 500,000 accounts have been punished by Blizzard.

Team YP’s Overwatch team disbanded.

Daigo Umehara is sitting out remaining Capcom Pro Tour stops.


A study shows more young people watch esports than sports.

Rocket League’s fall update includes a new arena.

150,000 cheaters have been banned from PUBG so far.


ESL Pro League Season 6 (CS:GO)


LDLC 1:1 HellRaisers (16-8, 14-16)

BIG 2:0 Godsent (16-8, 16-13)

North America

Rogue 2:0 Ghost (16-8, 16-14)

Misfits 2:0 Splyce (16-9, 16-14)


(All times Eastern)

League Champions Korea (LoL)

Spring promotion

bbq Olivers vs. Kongdoo Monster, 4 a.m. Thursday


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