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Ssol thanks ROX Tigers for being good practice partners, helping Kongdoo Monster re-qualify for LCK

Ssol thanked the ROX Tigers for Kongdoo Monster reaching the LCK
Ssol thanked the ROX Tigers for Kongdoo Monster reaching the LCK.

Kongdoo Monster AD Carry Seo “Ssol” Jin-sol thanked the ROX Tigers for indirectly helping his team reclaim a spot in League Champions Korea.

After being relegated in the spring split, Kongdoo Monster returned to the LCK by defeating the bbq Olivers 3-1 Thursday in the winners match of the promotional tournament. In the post-match interview on stream, Ssol acknowledged the ROX Tigers, who were Kongdoo’s main practice team.

“I want to say thank you to the ROX Tigers, who helped us with practice by being great scrim partners,” he said.

Although the games were all longer than 40 minutes, Kongdoo was able to take victory from bbq with late-game compositions. Kongdoo held fast in the earlier stages in the game, dragging the games out until it had the advantage, which translated to well-timed team fights that led to the wins.

Ssol played Kog’Maw in three of the four games but made the curious choice of building Randuin’s Omen in Game 4. As a late game hyper-carry, the tanky armor item is certainly not the usual build players would use. Ssol said it was for a good reason.

“The Randuin is a purchase I made because I felt like they were too good at single-targetting me in the game and I needed it to stay alive,” he said.

To his credit, bbq did have single-target threats in its compositions with Renekton in the top lane and Elise in the jungle. For the bottom lane, bbq used Tristana and Alistar, who could easily focus Kog’Maw down and make quick work of him.

The bbq Olivers will play CJ Entus on Saturday in the final match of the promotion tournament. The winner joins the LCK next spring, and the loser will be relegated to the Challenger league.


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