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Azir, Caitlyn, Janna all receive further tweaks in League of Legends PBE

Caitlyn, Azir and Janna receive further tweaks in the League of Legends PBE
Caitlyn is among three League of Legends champions to receive major changes. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Following some already large changes to Azir, Caitlyn, and Janna, those three champions received more tweaks in Thursday’s update to the League of Legends Public Beta Environment.

Azir’s dash speed has been buffed to its original value of 1,700 (from 1,400). That will increase the mobility of his dash up, but he still covers a lot less ground because the travel distance of his Q has been nerfed, and the newly added effect on his dash makes him stop when he collides with an enemy champion. Azir is going through something of a rework, and though his mechanics remain mostly the same, the changes will serve to change the way he’s played.

Caitlyn received a slight buff to her base health from 450 to 475 after it was lowered in Wednesday’s update. Caitlyn’s kit was also changed, with nerfs to her passive, a slight buff to her Q, and some utility and damage changes to her traps. The base health increase will serve to give her a slight boost in the laning phase.

Janna received more tweaks following her previous changes. Her base attack damage was decreased to 46, base health increased to 525, attack speed increased to 2.95, base movement speed reverted to 335, and attack damage per level decreased to 1.5. Her W received a buff to her cooldown timer at early levels, while the bonus movement speed as the passive portion of the ability was decreased.

Veigar’s W gets a new effect

For each 50 stacks of Veigar’s passive, the cooldown of his W will be reduced by 10 percent.

Reworked Xin Zhao gets a tweak

Xin Zhao‘s new W has received a nerf in terms of damage at all ranks, but there is a new effect that reduces the cast time with attack speed that comes from items and levels. What that means is the longer the game goes, the quicker Xin Zhao will swipe and thrust to apply the slow on enemy targets.

Ardent Censer gets another change

The passive attack speed bonus that shielded or healed allies get by champions that have Ardent Censer will be scaled from 20 to 35 percent based on the target’s level, which can be considered a buff from a flat 25 percent increase. The bigger change is the removal of the on-hit health drain in favor of an additional 20 to 35 damage based on the target’s level.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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