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More League of Legends runes and rune trees might be added in the future

The League of Legends rune system could include more rune trees
Galio is one champion in line for changes in League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

As the release of the revamped rune system gets closer, a dev corner post Friday by Riot Games’ Andrei “Meddler” van Roon explained that future plans for runes might include more rune trees.

“Now that we’re close to getting to show off the new rune system as a whole, figured it would also be good to talk a bit about how it’ll change over time,” Meddler wrote. “We expect we’ll make more changes to new runes than we have to old runes/masteries in the past. That’s due to a combination of changes now not screwing over peoples’s runes purchases compared to the old system and more concentrated power letting us do more interesting things for the power budget in question. Initially, that’ll probably mean modifications/replacements for runes as we get balance and game health sorted out. Longer term potentially additional runes added to some slots (more than three choices) or, much longer term, potentially adding a new tree.”

As of right now the new rune system has five paths — Domination, Inspiration, Precision, Sorcery and Resolve — with a unique set of runes for each. Players will be able to choose one primary path with access to one powerful keystone mastery as well as a secondary path with access to two non-keystone mastery runes.

Parts of the new rune system will be applied to the Public Beta Environment between late September and early October leading up to the preseason, when the system will go live. More changes in terms of polish and balance will continue to be applied during that time.

Potential Galio changes in the works

Galio could receive some changes to make him stand out as a magic resistance tank who builds ability power to deal damage. The changes might make him a bit more powerful against certain compositions, though the exact direction of the changes is unclear.

Orianna changes in the works

Following a change in Patch 7.18 that tweaked how her abilities worked while her ball was still in transit, Orianna could receive a change that would activate her W or ultimate immediately at the target location — if the ability is queued slightly before the ball reaches its final destination. The change is for a quality of life adjustment, making her combo more reliable to use with less whiffs.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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