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More tweaks to Brand, Caitlyn, and Janna in the League of Legends PBE

Brand, Caitlyn and Janna received more tweaks in the League of Legends PBE
Brand is one of three League of Legends champions to undergo more PBE changes. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Following earlier changes to Caitlyn, Janna, and Brand, a new set of smaller scale tweaks were added Monday to the League of Legends Public Beta Environment.

Brand received a new effect on his W that gave him back a small amount of mana for each enemy unit — including minions — he kills with the ability. Monday’s update changed the effect slightly. Instead of getting some mana back for each enemy unit killed with his W, he gets a set amount of mana when it kills an enemy, scaling from 20 to 40 based on the ability’s rank.

Caitlyn’s traps received another adjustment. The mana cost for the ability was reverted from 30 to 20 per trap, the recharge time for each trap went up at later ranks, and the time that the traps remain active on the field has been reduced at later ranks. This tweak is already on top of the extensive changes to her kit that happened multiple times last week.

Janna received a new effect to her passive, with her single target spells also dealing bonus magic damage equal to 35 percent of her movement speed. The change will be applied only to her W, which received a reduction in its cooldown timer to eight seconds at all ranks, dealing less damage from Ranks 2 to 5, and slow duration reduced from three seconds to two. Janna has endured a small rework with the goal of “more skill expression” in mind, and pretty much everything except her ultimate has been changed in some way.

Ardent Censer gets another round of changes

Following Friday’s removal of the health drain for shield allies in favor of bonus on-hit damage, the damage numbers have been increased to range from 20 to 40 based on the level of the shielded ally. The attack speed bonus has also been increased from 20 to 40 percent based on the ally’s level. There is a new added effect, which applies the item’s attack speed and on-hit damage boost on the champion that cast the shield or heal as well. The added change will likely shift some of the laning power to the support, as long-ranged poking supports with heals and shields will have more chances to put in extra damage.

Righteous Glory costs more

The combine cost for the item was increased by 150 gold, increasing the overall cost of the item. Righteous Glory was previously on Riot’s watch list, and the nerf might be a result of some further investigation.

Zeke’s Convergence gets a price increase

The combine cost got a 50 gold hike, bringing up the total item cost to 2,250 gold. This is still an overall 150 gold discount from the current live values, though the item got a slight nerf on Wednesday.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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