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Team EnVyUs announces eight figure investment from Hersh Interactive Group

EnVyUs confirmed an eight figure investment from Hersh Interactive GRoup
EnVyUs received an eight figure investment. Photo by Adela Sznajder/DreamHack.

Team EnVyUs announced Monday it has secured an investment worth tens of millions of dollars from the Hersh Interactive Group. The organization will relocate its players and staff from Charlotte, N.C. to Dallas, Texas.

“In order to be the best esports team in the world, you have to be playing the best esports games and have the best partners. We’re doing that while cultivating a growing, engaged and loyal fan base for Team Envy,” EnVyUs CEO Mike Rufail said in a news release. “Envy teams have played live in front of tens of thousands of fans at some of the largest arenas in the world. There is nothing like being surrounded by 20,000 passionate fans in a live setting, and with the support of Ken Hersh and Hersh Interactive Group, we will build that type of thrilling fan experience in Dallas.”

The announcement confirms an ESPN report from last month detailing that EnVyUs received a $35 million investment from Hersh Family Investments. The investment will reportedly go toward EnVyUs joining Blizzard’s Overwatch League to become the Austin-Dallas franchise.

Rufail will remain as the CEO and majority owner of EnVyUs, according to the release, and that the Hersh Interactive Group will be a strategic partner of the organization.

“We intend to make North Texas a leading-edge market in the global development and expansion of esports,” said Randy Chappel, managing director at Hersh Interactive Group. “By partnering with Mike and Team Envy, we are delivering a franchise with a storied history of winning to North Texas, and we are actively working to invest in areas that will improve the structure and environment of esports for players, teams, leagues and fans.”


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