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No more Ornn changes in Patch 7.19 cycle

Ornn wil not receive any further tweaks in the League of Legends Patch 7.19 cycle
Ornn, the oft-tweaked League of Legends champion, is off the hook for now. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Ornn, the newest League of Legends champion, will receive at least a temporary break from the the constant tweaks he’s received since being released.

In a dev corner post Wednesday, Riot Games’ Andrei “Meddler” van Roon describes how even though Ornn is still far from perfect, there won’t be any additional changes in Patch 7.19.

“Ornn’s been out a while and received a fair few buffs after a weak release,” Meddler wrote. “We’re still seeing a lot of people struggle with him, at the same time though a lot of Ornn play is still coming from people getting their first few games on him in. We won’t be buffing him further in 7.19 at the least. (We) want to avoid over-buffing him, and we think there’s still some learning curve going on.”

Ornn received three changes within a week of going live in Patch 7.17 and multiple hotfix tweaks, as his release was underwhelming. One of the changes, which affected the item upgrades he gives to allies, was done in part because the ability caused allied players to make poor item choices.

Jungle Ezreal = no problem

Responding to questions the dev team has received about Ezreal receiving more play as a jungle champion, Meddler said it wasn’t a big deal.

“Nice to see a champ getting play in a different way,” he wrote. “Early days yet, but counter play seems fine, the lack of which is what’s lead us to nerfing/changing champs out of certain positions in the past (e.g. Malz bot lane or Janna mid). If it ever starts to look too strong, we’d tone it down, but wouldn’t want to squash it if we could avoid it.”

If for some reason Ezreal became a jungle-only champion, it would be cause for some potential tweaks.

Possible Bramble Vest changes

Bramble Vest is too powerful, Meddler writes, so the dev team is looking into ways to balance the item.

One possible change would be a significant increase in cost (by about 300 gold) with some added statistical increase, which would both nerf its gold efficiency and delay its lane impact. The other would decrease the stats a bit with a slight increase in cost, nerfing its gold efficiency but still leaving it fairly accessible in lane as a counter item if desired.

Both changes will likely be tested in the PBE this week.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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