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Why vote aMSa for the Smash Summit?

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

For those who don’t know, the Smash Summit vote is going on now. I don’t usually care who is being voted in, but aMSa opted in this time so I felt obligated to write a bit about him. The reason is because I have a soft spot for those who have to overcome their environment to play the game they love. In aMSa’s case, his game was Super Smash Bros Melee, but he was Japanese. Melee is primarily a North American game, meaning that it is almost impossible for anyone outside that region to make a living off of it (and even if you were in that region, there is no guarantee either).

On top of that, the character he decided to main was Yoshi, a character that wasn’t considered relevant until he came into the scene in 2013 (though Leffen did main Yoshi early in his career, which makes you wonder what could have happened if he stuck with it). He surprised the Melee scene with his incredible enthusiasm as well as his dedication to his character, which gave rise to an incredibly entertaining play style. He’s had strong upsets and close games in every tournament he’s been able to attend.

As a spectator, very few players are better to watch on stream than aMSa, and this is a rare opportunity for him as he can’t travel to Melee tournaments as he lives in Japan. Finally, here is a video of some of his top plays in his Melee career.


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