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DeKay Mailbag: VP/SK rosters, kioshima’s future and who’s had the worst 2017

The latest DeKay Mailbag touches on VP/SK Gaming rosters, kioshima's future and more

After a wild summer and quick surge back into the professional Counter-Strike season, Slingshot’s Jarek “DeKay” Lewis answers more reader questions. Make sure to check out previous editions of the DeKay Mailbag. (Have a question for a future mailbag? Send them to DeKay on Twitter or via email at

Q: Thoughts or rumors about SK and VP rosters?

A: The only player I see worth picking up for SK is Boltz for Felps. Other than that, the Brazilians need to fix some glaring issues their map pool. They insist on playing Inferno but can’t buy a win on it lately. is a bit more interesting. I’ve heard some rumbling regarding a lineup change but have no idea who they’d even consider. There isn’t a specific standout player who deserves a chance, but Michu would likely be the best option due to the circumstances. If VP does make a roster move, it’s out of necessity rather than a prospect player who has demanded an opportunity with his play.

Q: Do you think there will ever be a new Counter-Strike?

A: I believe at some point in time we will get another Counter-Strike. It might not be for a decade, but it just feels like a Valve thing to do.

Q: If you could build two teams that would be almost equal level but completely different styles, who would they be and what style?

A: I’d like to see Astralis with k0nfig instead of kjaerbye. That move would give the team an instant upgrade on T side and a dramatic increase in entry firepower. I love the tactical and methodical approach that gla1ve has engraved in this team. On the other end, I’d like to see the current FaZe Clan team with s1mple instead of Guardian. We have already seen this lineup win an event, but I believe s1mple is the most skilled player in the world. He would make any team better, and FaZe would allow him to play with much more freedom compared to Na’Vi.

Q: Which player(s) have had the most disappointing 2017?

A: It’s hard not to say Hiko here. I resonate with Spencer because I love his mentality and sacrifices he has made in his career in an attempt to win, but this hasn’t been his year. It sucks to see a Major finalist drop so far. Not to mention, he hasn’t done himself any favors with his form. He is a better player than what we we’ve seen this year, and I’m not sure what has kept him from getting back to that level.

Q: What do you think the future looks like for G2?

A: I think G2 can consistently reach semifinals in international play with its current lineup, with the occasional win here and there. KennyS will always be the best player, so when apEX hits god mode, you just can’t beat G2. But it’s never consistently going to happen. This team has a high floor in terms of performance but a lower ceiling compared to a team like FaZe or SK. Ultimately, I think G2 can round out the year and the first half of 2018 by remaining the third or fourth best team.

Q: Thoughts on Team Liquid’s potential?

A: Team Liquid excites me far more than Cloud9 does. Liquid has legitimate structure and right now houses the two best North American players: Elige and Twistzz. Nitr0 in-game leading has completely revolutionized how they mesh together. Considering they made the final of ESL One New York with Stanislaw having such a terrible tournament, I think Liquid can win an event with this lineup. Liquid fans should be excited.

Q: Has Denial paid its CS:GO team yet?

A: Fuck no.

Q: Is there anything going on between kioshima and the French teams?

A: As far as I know, kio would accept an offer from EnVyUs, but he hasn’t been considered. Maybe playing with the guys at WESG will change that. Unfortunately, French teams are full of political bullshit that keep good players from getting a legitimate chance. It’s mind-boggling that kio hasn’t been picked up because he really didn’t play bad for FaZe outside of the PGL Major.

Q: Is there a way to save EnVyUs?

A: Cut sixer and add literally any capable AWPer. Kio would be a nice upgrade over ScreaM.

Q: What must Sweden and Norway do to have a few super teams and catch up to Denmark?

A: I’ve thought about this extensively but I just can’t ever come up with five Swedish players that I feel would work. I believe flusha, lekr0 and JW are the best players from Sweden right now. Olof is going to stay with FaZe for a while. F0rest is too inconsistent. Draken is too inconsistent. Krimz has been better but hasn’t ever been the same. Outside of those three on Fnatic, I just don’t see who you can add and feel confident against the best teams in the world or Astralis.

Q: Is LDLC, EnVyUs or G2 interested in signing Zywoo?

A: LDLC and EnVy would love to have him, but people seem to not remember that Zywoo has to finish school before he joins a legit team. I keep reading people naming him but there is absolutely no chance he joins one of those teams before he is done. After that, it will be open season. He’ll have a ton of offers, including North America.

Q: Which of the recent roster moves do you like least?

A: I originally didn’t like Olofmeister to FaZe, but they proved me wrong quite quickly. I don’t like Cloud9’s moves, but not because I don’t think Tarik or Rush are good additions. This team just needs legitimate leadership and tactics to unlock the potential of their star players. Skadoodle is the definition of inconsistent. I think they’d be an even better team if they added someone like FNS for Skadoodle and had Stewie AWP. The part I hate the most is that every good performance they have (ELEAGUE Premier), the longer they’ll stick with this lineup. They’ll be able to win against some good teams because of their superstar talent, but I can’t see them matching Team Liquid.

Q: Any surprise orgs you think might come in and buy the legends spot from Immortals?

A: This is pure speculation, and I have no inside information on the matter right now. But EchoFox, Evil Geniuses (if the players take a pay cut) and Luminosity are some of my considerations. EchoFox had no intention on returning to Counter-Strike, but that guaranteed sticker money could change the game.

Q: What org would you say is the best for player conditions?

A: I’d say the RFRSH teams are treated the best. It just sucks that they are all owned by the same group.

Q: Thoughts on Nuke’s limited play at events and if other maps should be added in its place?

A: I wish it was played more and especially in North America. Team Liquid is the only team that plays it, meaning it has an immediate advantage during map vetoes. It is truly unique and I love variety in CS. Personally, I want Mirage removed for the Dust2 remake or a new map.


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