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The Dallas Overwatch League franchise will be called the Dallas Fuel

Team EnVyUs, the owner of the Dallas franchise in Overwatch League, announced Thursday it will be called the Dallas Fuel.

“We’re thrilled to bring a championship-caliber franchise to the area with the Dallas Fuel,” EnVyUs CEO Mike Rufail said in a news release. “In choosing a name, we wanted to speak to our Texas roots, connect with the legacy of our partners Ken Hersh and the Hersh Interactive Group, and provide a rallying cry for local fans as esports continues to grow. Fuel accomplishes that, and the Dallas Fuel is a team we’re proud to permanently plant in Texas.”

EnVyUs joined the Overwatch League Sept. 20 as the owners of the Dallas franchise as it closed an eight-figure investment from the Hersh Interactive Group two days earlier. EnVyUs is the second Overwatch League team to reveal its new name going into the league, following last week’s announcement from the Shanghai Dragons.

“The logo and identity of the Dallas Fuel franchise recognize the heritage and strength of the energy sector in Texas and the business history of Ken Hersh,” said Randy Chappel, managing director at Hersh Interactive Group. “A powerful spark of energy is what Hersh Interactive Group and the Dallas Fuel intend to bring to the esports industry. We are excited to be the home team for Dallas.”

The 12 participating teams will temporarily relocate to Los Angeles for Season 1 of Overwatch League, where the matches will be held at Blizzard’s new esports Arena in Burbank. The teams will also have to create brand new names and brands for their teams, and there are 10 teams left that need to do it.

The Dallas Fuel also signed North American Overwatch talent Brandon “Seagull” Larned last week to much fanfare, as he is one of the most popular and talented players in the region, previously playing NRG Esports before stepping away from competitive play in April to focus on his streaming career.


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