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Finnish military change helps esports careers

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

It was announced in this article, which I can’t read┬ábecause it’s in Finnish. But the general gist I’ve gotten is that esports athletes have been accepted as traditional athletes in Finland, which means they can enter the military service under that division. This gives them extra time to practice and stay in form for their competitions. For most players, the regular six month mandatory service can end careers.

Some notable players I can think of that will be affected by this are:

Dota 2: Matumbaman, Jerax

CS:GO: Allu, suNny

Overwatch: Taimo, Rest in Pjyamas squad

It’s always been a bit of a downer when talented Finnish players had to cut their career short for this, so it’s a great step as a lot of talented players come from that country.


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