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Some runes will likely be alternate versions when re-added to League of Legends PBE

Alternate versions of the new League of Legends runes will likely be out soon
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Whenever the new League of Legends runes come back to the Public Beta Environment, some of them will likely be different than they were in the initial rollout.

Riot Games’ Andrei “Meddler” van Roon wrote Friday that some of the runes are being tinkered as the team gets closer to finalizing the new system.

“While we’re getting close to locking down all the runes for ship, we’re still experimenting with somewhat different directions for a few to try and solve some remaining problems,” Meddler wrote. “Odds are high you’ll see alternate versions of some Runes, Press the Attack and Presence of Mind especially, on PBE at some point. Not guaranteed we’ll stick with the new versions of course, might try something new again or go back to the old.”

After introducing the new runes system last week, they were added (and then temporarily removed) from the PBE.

Up coming buffs and nerfs in patch 7.21

Buffs to Urgot and the item Frozen Heart will likely take place soon, and the juggernaut tank jungler Sejuani will likely be nerfed. Interestingly, Azir — who is considered to be quite stronger than he was before — is in line for a buff, while the item Manamune might receive a nerf.

On the question of buffing ratios and nerfing base stats

With some champions not in their designed roles — such as Brand and Zyra in support instead of mid lane — players have asked if making the ratio better while hitting the base stats might be a viable fix. Meddler wrote there are some different perspectives to keep in mind such as adding power in different ways to add distinction among champions, the power shift from their abilities as a viable support, and the fact that ratios won’t be the best way to offer power.

Brand has a history of being changed in the PBE for mid-lane-centric reasons, but his role as a pocket support has remained mostly the same. The most recent experiment was with mana refunds, so it’ll be interesting to see how Riot addresses the situation further.


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