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Trademark applications reveal possible Overwatch League names for New York and San Francisco franchises

Trademark filings revealed possible Overwatch League names

The potential Overwatch League names for franchises in New York, San Francisco and Los Angles might have been determined, according to filings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Trademarks for “San Francisco Shock,” “Los Angeles Gladiators,” and “New York Excelsior” have been officially filed to the USPTO. What sets them apart from the other sea of trademarks is the details in what kind of goods and services the trademarked name will be featured on and the listed applicants.

The San Francisco Shock trademark application included a variety of goods including computer peripherals, headphones, computer accessories, and specific services for entertainment, “sporting and cultural activities,” and “organizing and hosting entertainment conventions.” It’s perhaps the most ambiguous of the three, and it’s also important to note that even if any of these trademarks are for Overwatch League teams, that doesn’t mean they will eventually be the names.

The applicant for the New York Excelsior trademark is ‘OWL NYC LLC,” which seems pretty clear. Three trademark applications for the same name can be found in the system, with each one specifying what kind of goods and services the trademark is for. They include “exhibitions and performances in the field of video and computer games,” various computer peripherals and clothing.

Separately, the application for the Los Angeles Gladiators specified “Online and Internet-based social networking and entertainment services in the field of esports,” and the applicant of the trademark is “PHOENIX1 ESPORTS,” which corroborates a previous report from Overwatch Score that existing esports brand Phoenix1 will operate the Los Angeles franchise owned by Stan and Josh Kroenke.

As the Shanghai Dragons and Dallas Fuel have made their names and logos public, 10 more teams are yet to reveal their names.


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