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Burnout – The Hungrybox/Ken parallel

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

Over the weekend, Hungrybox won the Big House 7. It was another astounding lower bracket run as he forced himself to make the run back all the way to the end of the tournament to win another big event. At this point, you could make a strong argument that Hungrybox is the second greatest Melee player in the game’s entire history.

But this post isn’t about that. After the finals, Hungrybox did an interview with Homemade Waffles. In it, he looked burned out and tired, that he is someone who can never get that crowd support. This was a similar case with Ken, the King of Smash. During his run, Ken was considered the villain and everyone rooted against him. It was incredibly draining on him and he nearly burned out. What temporarily saved him was a trip to Japan where he got to enjoy people cheering for him for once, but eventually it got too much and he quit the game.

I don’t think Hungrybox will ever quit the game (if Ken had come in at a later time where it was more profitable or didn’t have hand issues, I don’t think he’d have quit either), but it’s clear that he’s running out of steam and that the next few events will be a turning point for him one way or another. He’s achieved what he wanted and become the best Melee player in the world. After that, though, he seems to have lost focus on where he needs to go from here.┬áHe should probably take a break and realize that during the off time that he has a chance to push his Melee legacy even further with the current form that he is in.

As Tom Brady once said, “My favorite ring is always the next one.”


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