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Death Sworn skins for Katarina, Zed and Viktor added to League of Legends PBE

Zed, Katarina and Viktor Death Sworn skins were added to the League of Legends PBE
Photos courtesy of Riot Games

The new Death Sworn skins for Katarina, Zed, and Viktor skins were added Tuesday to the League of Legends Public Beta Environment.

Death Sworn Viktor was teased earlier on the League of Legends Instagram account. All three skins have brand new models, visual, sound, and spell effects, and custom recall animations for each. The three skins are now available for testing on the PBE, and have the tentative pricing of 1,350 RP ($10), though the price is still subject to change.

The new Death Sworn skin line seems to have taken a lot of inspiration from traditional fantasy themes, with spectral blue color schemes and dark armor plating for each. The designs also remind one of the Death Knights in Warcraft, which also have ice blue as a primary color scheme and dark armor. Four new Death Sworn themed summoner icons have also been added to the PBE.

New Halloween emotes added

With the new emote feature added to the game in Patch 7.20, three new Halloween-themed emotes have been added featuring a minion with a Frankenstein hat, a spooky pumpkin, and a laughing devil Poro.

The new leveling emotes have also been added to the PBE for 40, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, and 175. The new leveling system with no level caps for player accounts will be implemented in the 2018 season, and each milestone will be rewarded with a unique emote.

Two Blue Essence themed emotes have also been added, as the Blue Essence store will open in the coming season as the in-game currency goes from Influence Points (IP) to Blue Essence.

New Chroma pack for Battlecast Urgot

A pack of five new Chroma variations for the Battlecast Urgot skin have been added to the PBE.


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