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Evelynn rework added to League of Legends in Patch 7.20

The Evelynn rework will go live in League of Legends Patch 7.20
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The recent rework for League of Legends champion Evelynn will go live Wednesday with the release of Patch 7.20.

After being on the list of champions in line for total visual and gameplay update, the details of her new look and kit were revealed Sept. 26. Extensive changes were made to her entire repertoire, including her previous passive, which put her in permanent invisibility from Level 1.

Evelynn is no longer invisible from the beginning, and is instead enveloped in a “Demon Shade” after being out of combat for a few seconds. When she enters into that state while her health is low, her health will be recovered at a faster rate. From Level 6 onward, being enveloped in the Demon Shade will place her into camouflage, making her invisible to everything except nearby enemy champions, control wards, or enemy turrets. Entering combat will break her Demon Shade and her camouflage.

Her new Q shoots a skill shot in a direction, dealing damage to the first enemy unit it hits. When the Q finds a target, the next three spells or auto-attacks deal more damage. When she hits a monster, a chunk of the cooldown time is refunded immediately. After the initial skill shot, she can then cast Hate Spike up to three times, which fires a line of spikes through the nearest enemy, dealing damage to all enemies in the area.

Her W can now charm enemy champions, an ability previously limited to only Ahri and Rakan. She can curse an enemy champion or monster, revealing her location to her target, and when she hits the cursed enemy with her abilities or basic attacks, it expunges the curse, giving her a mana refund and slowing the target. When the curse is allowed to linger for a couple of seconds and then expunged, the target is charmed and moves toward Evelynn.

Her E applies on-hit effects, dealing damage to an enemy unit as a percentage of the target’s maximum health and giving her a boost in movement speed. When entering into Demon Shade, the ability is empowered, pulling Evelynn toward her target before dealing damage to it and all nearby enemies.

Her ultimate allows her to go briefly untargetable, dealing damage in a half-circle area in front of her, and then warps it backwards away, dealing bonus damage to low-health enemies. This ability can be used to create distance between her and enemies, as she can go over walls with her ability.


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