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League of Legends players can import/export item sets in Patch 7.20

League of Legends players can import and export item sets in Patch 7.20

The item sets feature in League of Legends (which debuted in Patch 7.17) received a slight upgrade in Patch 7.20, which goes live Wednesday, as players can now export and import them.

A new “Export” tab has been added to the item set screen with options to copy to clipboard or export to file. This isn’t limited to just one item set as a time, as players can export as many item sets as they please at once. When importing a item set, players can either paste the latest copied set or an existing file on the computer. Keep in mind when importing an item set, it will not save the preferred item slot settings, so make sure to put them in the configuration of your liking.

The new item set feature is a quality-of-life improvement, as it’s designed to reduce time looking for specific items and then slotting active ones in preferred hot keys for each game. Players can make custom item sets bound to each champion they wish to play, which reduces the time needed to be spent on configuration.

As League of Legends is a game of efficiency and effectiveness, players will always looks to share their own item sets with others, and the new import and export feature will allow players to do that without even having to talk with one another.

Item changes

The starting support items Ancient Coin and Spellthief’s Edge recieved respective nerfs and buffs. The coin will now give 6 percent of the missing mana with a minimum of 10, and Spelltheief’s Edge received an ability power boost from five to 10.

Jaurim’s Fist’s experimental changes were applied from the Public Beta Environment update. The item gives 200 health instead of 150, and the maximum number of stacks — which gives a permanent five health boost per unit killed — has been reduced from 30 to 20.

Sterak’s Gage also had its price and stats changed, as Jaurim’s Fist was a key component to its recipe. When the Lifelife passive is triggered, it no longer gives a percentage boost to attack damage, but instead gives a 30 percent boost to tenacity for eight seconds. The passive base attack damage is boosted from 30 to 50 percent, the shield decays after 0.75 seconds of activating, and the health bonus is increased to 450. But the price of the item jumped from 2,600 to 3,200 gold and has a new recipe of Jaruim’s Fist, a Pickaxe, and a Ruby Chrystal. The item is also now melee-only.


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