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Beekeeper Singed is now available for purchase in League of Legends

Beekeeper Singed is available in League of Legends
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The Beekeeper Singed skin is now available for purchase in the League of Legends store after a brief delay of the skin’s official release.

Beekeeper Singed is a 1,350 RP ($10) skin that gives singed a brand new model, visual, sound, and spell effects, new animations and a custom recall animation. After a tease from the League of Legends Instagram account last month, it was added to the Public Beta Environment the next day for testing, followed by the official splash art the next week.

Although the Beekeeper Singed skin was scheduled for the 7.19 patch cycle with the Arclight Yorick skin — which was released last week — the skin had some bugs, which led to a delay of the official release until Patch 7.20, which went live Wednesday.

A Beekeeper Singed summoner icon has also been released with the new skin for 250 RP (about $2). Unlike the Arclight Yorick skin, the Beekeeper skin didn’t have as much fanfare surrounding its release or a standalone story, but it’s still pretty cool.


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