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Another set of champion stat tweaks enters the League of Legends PBE

More champion stat tweaks entered the League of Legends PBE
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Recent updates to the League of Legends Public Beta Environment have focused on tweaking basic statistics of champions to coincide the upcoming rune system update, and the trend continued Wednesday.

Aatrox‘s base damage was lowered to 68 and his base armor was lowered to 33.

Elise‘s base attack damage increased to 55.

The nerf to the mana cost of Evelynn‘s Q on Tuesday’s update has been reverted to its original amount.

The damage of Kayn‘s W increased five points at all ranks.

Nidalee‘s base attack damage increased to 61.

Olaf’s base attack damage increased to 68.

Orianna‘s HP growth increased to 91.

Yasuo‘s base HP increased to 523.

List of items that got some tweaks

The lethality of the Duskblade of Draktharr, Youmuu’s Ghostblade and Edge of Night increased to 20, and the lethality of the Serrated Dirk increased to 12.

The Spellthief’s Edge line of support items have all gotten their additional magic damage when landing an ability or an attack while the passive is active increased to 20.

The magic penetration of Sorcerer’s Shoes increased to 18 and the magic penetration of Void Staff increased to a 40 percent boost.

Effect change on a jungler item

Hunter’s Talisman’s burn damage to monsters increases to 50 if the player has a bonus health from an item or effect. This replaces the effect added on Monday, which burns for an additional 30 percent of the player’s bonus health to a maximum of 50.


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