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Ekko receives further tweaks in League of Legends PBE

Ekko received changes in the PBE
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

An update to Ekko‘s passive that made him into a more viable jungler went through a slight change Thursday in the League of Legends Public Beta Environment.

An update Tuesday to the PBE added a new effect to Ekko’s passive, allowing him to deal double damage to neutral monsters. It was removed Thursday and replaced with a new effect. The cooldowns of his passive were eliminated when hitting enemy minions and neutral monsters. Every third hit of the same target deals bonus magic damage, so having no cooldown of his passive when clearing jungle camps means he will dish out a lot more damage to jungle mobs, which increases his clear speed.

Although it’s not as impressive as double damage to monsters, the effect still serves to increase his jungle clear speed while keeping his in-game strength against enemy champions relatively the same.

Udyr changes applied

Udyr‘s attack damage growth increased to five, the attack damage ratio of his Q increased at later ranks, and the ability power ratio increased to 60 percent.

Udyr has had a rough history with PBE changes. His previous ability updates went into the PBE in June after a long period of neglect. But none of them were pushed through to the live patch. These aren’t as sweeping as his previous changes, but perhaps they’ll stick this time.

Runes in the new system get touched up

Electrocute, a Keystone rune in the Domination path, does an increased amount of damage ranging from 50 to 220 based on level.

Dark Harvest, a Keystone rune in the Domination path, has a larger duration of 300 seconds until the next empowered attack has to be made after a 100 stacks.

Predator, a Keystone rune in the Domination path, does more damage at later levels scaling from 60-180 and now has a cooldown timer that scales down from 180 to 120 seconds, based on level, after activation. The activation effect no longer breaks stealth, and getting attacked by a minion doesn’t break the activation either.

Press the Attack, a Keystone rune in the in the Precision path, does less damage at later levels, scaling from 30-120.


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