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New Mercy changed being tested in the Overwatch PTR

Mercy changes are in the Overwatch PTR and the Lucio wall bug was fixed
Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Following a divisive set of changes to Mercy in the most recent Overwatch patch, principal designer Geoff Goodman said Wednesday another set of adjustments is on the way

Mercy now has an unlock boost on her Guardian Angel ability that allows her to lock on to an allied hero and fly toward it. The unlock boost means Mercy is able to unlock the ability from an allied champion and fly past it with a maintained amount of momentum, almost like a slingshot. This will presumably be able to fly around the battlefield much quicker and more reliably when controlled correctly.

The way her ultimate ability, Valkyrie, interacts with her Resurrect ability was also tweaked. Activating Valkyrie will give Mercy an additional charge of Resurrect that can be used during any point in the duration of Valkyrie. If not used, the charge goes away at the end of Valkyrie. Previously, Mercy would have to resurrect one ally, activate her ultimate, and then resurrect another ally with a refreshed cooldown for the ability in order to get two resurrections. With the new change, she’ll be able to resurrect two at any point during her ultimate, giving her the ability to resurrect two allied heroes back to back.

Resurrect doesn’t reset the cooldown of her Guardian Angel ability, meaning Mercy won’t be able to dash in, resurrect, and dash right out of a sticky situation. This will allow Mercy’s opponents to punish her for trying to bring people back in bad positions.

Goodman also said the big to Lucio raised earlier in the week was fixed, and Lucio has been given a significant boost when jumping off of a wall.


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