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Immortals finalizes CS:GO roster with zqk

Immortals finalized its CS:GO roster with zqk

Immortals finalized its revamped Counter-Strike lineup with Caio “zqk” Fonseca as the fifth and final member, the organization announced Friday.

“Zqk’s spirited hunger and professionalism aimed towards competitive success have convinced myself and my staff that he’s a fantastic addition to round out our CS:GO roster,” Immortals general manager Nick Phan said in a news release.

Zqk, who will be the team’s primary AWPer, has played with member of Immortals at different points in his career. He played with Lucas “destinyy” Bullo, Lucas “steel” Lopes, and Ricardo “boltz” Prass when all of them were part of Keyd Stars. He also played with current Immortals coach Rafael “zakk” Fernandes in Counter-Strike: Source with team TargetDown.

Immortals entered into a full rebuild after removing Vito “kNg” Giuseppe and benching Henrique “HEN1” Teles and Lucas “LUCAS1” Teles, who requested to leave the team after the removal of kNg. The roster shakeup followed after the three players showed up late to Immortals’ match in the finals of DreamHack Montreal last month, prompting a forfeit of the first map, which ended up in a 2-0 defeat. KNg then threatened a Counter Logic Gaming player and was removed from the team after playing in an online match despite being suspended by the organization.

The roster turmoil led to Immortals stepping down from the EPICENTER qualifiers and receiving an exemption from the World Esports Association to go over the allotted roster moves for one season.

With the signing of zqk and destinyy, Immortals has a full lineup with boltz, steel, and João “horvy” Horvath.


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