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Comeback (formerly Hachani) retires from professional League of Legends, will pursue coaching career

Hachani will retire as a professional League of Legends player
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Ha “Comeback” Seung-chan (formerly known as Hachani), the jungler for Ever8 Winners, will retire as a professional League of Legends player and hopes to become a coach.

“I’m looking to retire from my career as a player which I worked hard on,” he wrote Sunday on Facebook. “My performance at the end (of last split) was very poor. If I could offer an excuse, my insomnia had gotten worse and I couldn’t deal with it even with medication, leading to a poor daily life cycle. I think it was due to the stress of being a professional player. However I feel much better now as I’ve been taking time off. I want to thank all of the fans who have supported me during my career.”

He wrote that he was looking for a new challenge, and since 2015, when he coached Rebels Anarchy he knew he wanted to become a full time coach after his playing career.

Comeback, who changed his in-game name from Hachani this summer, started his career with Chunnam Techno University’s sponsored team before moving to KT Rolster Arrows. For a brief time in 2015 he seemed to have changed games with Heroes of the Storm, but he returned to League Champions Korea as the coach of Rebels Anarchy then joined KT Rolster in 2016 as a support player.

Most notably, Comeback’s performance as Taric in the 2016 summer split playoffs against SK Telecom T1 played a large part in defeating SKT and advancing to the summer finals — which was also the last time KT Rolster defeated SKT.

But Comeback’s career began to decline when joined Europe’s Team Vitality this spring, when he had the worst split of his career. He was benched in February and later left the team to go back to Korea, which he later said was all caused from his insomnia. He signed with Ever8 before the summer LCK split.


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