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Wolf describes Cloud9's reactions to SKT sending them to the quarterfinals of worlds

Wolf says SKT is doing just fine at worlds
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

SK Telecom T1 support Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan said he understands why fans might think SKT is struggling at the League of Legends World Championship.

SKT won Group A and will advance to this week’s world quarterfinals. In a video interview with Fomos’ Kim “Kenzi’ Yong-woo, Wolf talked about SKT’s unexpected defeat against ahq e-Sports Club on Sunday and why people might have walked away after watching the match thinking that SKT is in poor form.

“It was quite disappointing that we lost our first game, and I feel like we should have won it,” he said. “In terms of our second game against EDG, we played the game thinking that with the composition we had, we were doing quite well without getting too far behind. But I can understand that from a viewer’s standpoint, it looked like we were struggling. I’m slightly afraid that it might seem strange.”

With regards to the games, the current meta with Ardent Censer puts a lot of pressure on the bottom lane, as hyper carries are back. As the support for SKT, Wolf gave his two cents on the current bottom lane meta, and how a conversely early game laning composition could be effective.

“Regardless of the composition, the bottom lane right now is summed up with Ardent Censer and a hyper-carry, so I don’t think there’s an early game laning composition that’s really worth going,” he said. “If I had to choose, I think our drafting against ahq was an early game composition. I think there are pros and cons to both of those styles. If we had won against ahq, I would have been able to say that our drafting was better, and if we really lost against EDG in the early game, I would have said that we were out-drafted.”

SKT’s final win Sunday against EDward Gaming also clinched Cloud9‘s quarterfinals berth, a phenomenon that also took place at last year’s worlds. Videos of Cloud9 watching backstage while SKT played was shown to the viewers, but Wolf shared a scene between he and the North American team.

“Last year when we secured C9’s ticket to the quarterfinals, they said thank you, and Impact (Jeong Eon-young) in particular was very thankful,” he said. “Even this year when we finished the game, the whole team was there standing with their mouse pads. Impact said that the team was getting ready for a tiebreaker. Reapered was like ‘Ahhhhh!’ and Jack said ‘Thank you.’ It was a fun experience.”


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