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Reworked Evelynn slightly censored in Korean League of Legends server to cover midriff

Following her rework, Evelynn was slightly censored in the Korean League of Legends server
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Following the rework for Evelynn that went live in League of Legends Patch 7.20, the artwork and animated login screen for the champion were slightly censored on the Korean server.

As the identity of the champion changed, Evelynn’s midriff was exposed more after the rework. In the Korean server, the midriff was covered in Evelynn’s splash art and on her image that appears in the loading and login screens. League of Legends in Korea is categorized as appropriate for players ages 12 and older, which is not that much different from the “T” rating in North America, which categorizes it as a game appropriate for players ages 13 and older.

The South Korean Game Rating & Administration Committee has a recent history of censorship of games in regards to artwork, especially in mobile games. The most recent controversy was with a mobile game called QURARE: MAGIC LIBRARY, a game rated ages 15 and up in Korea. As a collectible card game, certain cards had more revealing artwork and a certain set of cards for a character was forced to be changed drastically by recommendation of the committee.

The change to Evelynn’s artwork has sparked another round of debate about game ratings in Korea and what should be deemed appropriate or not. The most common criticism is centered around the fact that the standards for sexual content in games rated 12 or 15 and up aren’t clear, and that none of the ratings includes the abdomen as a subject of sexual exposure in artwork.


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