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TaeJa, soO and Neeb

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

This is just a thought experiment. For various reasons, I don’t have Neeb as the GOAT foreigner in StarCraft 2. If you want to see the criteria I use, here it is.

But here is the thought process I think people are using for Neeb. He got great results in the latter half of 2016, won KeSPA Cup, and dominated WCS 2017. Thus, I think the logic goes something like he was super dominant during this period and though he didn’t have the same amount of Koreans beaten like Stephano or Naniwa, the consistent peak form he has shown is the potential argument here.

In which case, if we follow that same line of thought, TaeJa or soO is the GOAT following similar trains of thought. Both had the highest levels of peak consistency we’ve seen from any player in StarCraft 2. TaeJa was the best weekender player; soO the best GSL player. If we’re not taking into account things like the raw numbers of how many “Top X” players they’ve beaten, then you could go with soO. If we are, then TaeJa.


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