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Galio buffs reverted in League of Legends PBE

Galio buffs were reverted in the League of Legends PBE
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

After two days of experimentation, the Riot Games balance team reverted Wednesday two of the buffs added to Galio in the League of Legends Public Beta Environment.

The revert applied to his ultimate, which put the ability power ratio for the damage back to 70 percent and brought back the knock up times for enemy targets caught in the center and in the outside rim to last 0.25 seconds longer. The changes to his passive, Q, W, and E remain as applied Monday but are subject to change before the next patch goes live.

Evelynn change 

Following a dev corner post WednesdayEvelynn‘s passive was changed to not go on cooldown when she is hit by a minion attack. Keep in mind that when her passive is active past Level 6, she gets increased health regeneration and can go into camouflage.

Gangplank gets more money

When killing an enemy unit with his Q, the amount of bonus gold Gangplank gets per kill has been increased by one gold at all ranks.

Yasuo and Zyra get base stat tweaks

Yasuo‘s base damage increased to 60. Zyra‘s HP growth increased to 79, and her base health increased to 504.

More Ardent Censer nerfs

Easily one of the most hated items in the game, Ardent Censer is getting more nerfs. The attack speed given to shielded or healed allies is reduced to scale from 10 percent to 30 percent, and the additional damage to basic attacks was lowered drastically to scale from 5 to 20.

Another change to the Tear of the Goddess items

The mana charge occurrence was changed from four times every 16 seconds to three times every 12.


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