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Updated Dust 2 map goes live in CS:GO

The new Dust 2 is live in CS:GO
Photo courtesy of Valve

The update to Counter-Strike map Dust 2 went live Wednesday after being teased two weeks ago.

The update was done to “improve player readability throughout the map, refine movement around the world including cover, and upgrade the visuals to be in line with modern maps,” according to the announcement.

On the B bombsite, dark spots have been lightened in tunnels with the addition of a torn away roof. The broken down car was also moved to allow more play around it. Some unnecessary distractions were also removed from the map while “not taking away from visual fidelity.”

The dark doorways were removed on the A site, which should alter entry fragging. The removal of drain pipes should also improve corner peeks.

The map was removed from the pool for competitive play in February and replaced with Inferno. It is unclear if the new Dust 2 will be re-added to the pool and if so, what it would replace.

Although the map is available for play, updates to Dust 2 are still possible based on player feedback in the future.


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