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Jungle Ekko is much more viable in League of Legends Patch 7.21

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 7.21, which goes live Wednesday, includes a buff for the champion Ekko that will make him more viable as the jungler role.

Ekko’s passive damage — which is triggered by three hits of Ekko’s basic attacks or damaging abilities — to neutral monsters is now doubled. The change was added Oct. 10 to the game’s Public Beta Environment and tweaked multiple times before the original change was applied to the new patch.

Other champion changes

The damage on Azir’s Q is reduced from rank 2 onward, and the damage of his sand soldiers is reduced by five points from Level 6 onward.

The bonus damage on Evelynn’s E based on the target’s maximum health now has a minimum damage floor of 25.

Galio’s ability power ratio for his passive damage was increased to 0.7. The base damage of his Q was reduced while the AP ratio increased to 0.9, and the damage over time by the lingering whirlwind increased to 3 percent of the target’s maximum health per 100 ability power, per half-second. The magic damage reduction on his W now includes an extra 5 percent per 100 ability power and now only reduces incoming attack damage by half. The base damage of his E is reduced from rank 2 onward but has a higher AP ratio of 0.9.

Gangplank now gets one extra gold per unit he kills with his Q.

The bonus armor that comes with Rammus’ W increased from rank 2 onward, and the base magic resistance bonus is reduced to 10 and the added bonus based on his total magic resistance is reduced at all ranks.

Sejuani’s base stats is nerfed while her E got tweaked. Her base armor is reduced to 22, her armor growth reduced to 3, her base magic resist reduced to 27.1, and her magic resist growth reduced to 0.75. Ability wise, her passive’s bonus resistances increased at ranks 2 and 3, the shield linger duration now lasts a flat two seconds, and the cooldown is 12 seconds at all ranks. The “Freeze damage” of her E is halved at all ranks.

Udyr’s base attack damage growth was increased to five, the bonus attack damage on his Q based on his total attack damage is increased from rank 2 onward, and the ability power ratio on his ultimate increased to 0.6.

The cooldown of Urgot’s legs is reduced from rank 2 onward and no longer scales off of cooldown items. The bonus damage when attacking targets in the direction of one of his legs now does less of the target’s maximum health from ranks 1 to 4. The mana cost of his Q is a flat 50 and the detonation time is reduced to 0.5 seconds. The missile speed of his ultimate increased to 3200.

Ardent Censer is nerfed again as the attack speed buff to a shielded or healed ally is reduced to 10-30 percent based on level, and the on-hit magic damage is reduced from 5-20 based on level.

Frozen Heart’s armor value is increased to 100.

Tear of the Goddess now stacks up to three times per 12 seconds, which is applied to the items that the Tear builds into.

Manamune now gets an added five extra mana per stack.


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