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Quick thoughts from EPICENTER Day 1

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

Some things I wanted to point out from Day 1 of EPICENTER.

Gambit continues to give FaZe Clan problems. They were responsible for eliminating FaZe early at DreamHack Malmo and on Day 1 almost beat FaZe again. Of note is that olofmeister had a bad day, but on the other hand GuardiaN went full god mode. The overall skill of Gambit is good and will give whoever they meet in the elimination match a run for their money.

G2 looked better here than at ELEAGUE. At the same time, Astralis continues to look shaky in the group stages. They will need to shape up tomorrow though as they rematch Liquid for a third time. Liquid vs North was a close series, but overall it was clear that North were a level above Liquid tactically on Mirage and cobblestone.


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