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Things to look out for at EPICENTER

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

I already wrote a preview, but here are some interesting things to add on to that.

In Group A:

First, when I wrote that preview, I did not know boltz was coming instead of felps for SK Gaming. The question is how he will integrate into the lineup as he is a completely different type of player than felps.

Second, VP have finally gone to TaZ as igl.

Third, FaZe has continually lost to SK in the previous iteration so if they meet, that should be something to keep in mind.

Fourth, we rarely see Gambit play on LAN.

In Group B:

Liquid has potential to rematch Astralis. At the same time this, will be the first time they play North or G2 on LAN.

For G2, look at their economic management. If they are playing what they did at Malmo or ELeague.

If the latter (which looks to be the case), a potential North vs G2 faceoff could favor North the second time around as North have improved while G2 have continued to look unstable.

Finally, Astralis has never played this G2 in a best-of-three and has never played this iteration of North on LAN.



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