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4 events to watch this week

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

In general, most esports fans have a primary game they like watching. This weekend, however, has a a bunch of big events going on, so here is a list:

EPICENTER (CS:GO): They have the best teams in the world fighting it out (the only team not here is C9).

ESL One Hamburg (Dota 2): The first Major of the season in Dota 2. I think the best match will be the inevitable fight between Liquid and VP.

Worlds (League of Legends): This is the most open we’ve seen a worlds bracket. Of particular interest is SKT vs RNG. SKT will lose, but Faker will win so I think it’ll be 3-2 either way.

Blizzcon (StarCraft 2): For SC2, they still need to go through the group stages. I personally think INnoVation will win the entire thing unless he runs into Rogue, in which case it’s a toss up.


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