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FaZe Clan’s double-edged sword

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

With EPICENTER going on, I’ve been paying particular attention to FaZe Clan to see any patterns in its play to see what weaknesses there are.

There are currently two overarching trends that have happened.

First: Their anti-ecos have been poor and they lose them more often than other top-tier teams. The difference is that they also win more ecos than all other teams.

Second: Their CT-sided defense is something I liken to a Hydra. If you kill one point of attack, the FaZe players will make a counter-play on the other side of the map. The weakness to this style is that the confidence that lets them turn rounds in 4-v-5 or 3-v-5 situations is also what pushes the to keep attacking in 5-v-4 and 5-v-3 situations.

FaZe feels like a double-edged sword. Weak against antiecos, incredibly strong on their own. An aggressive CT-side that lets them pull out wins they shouldn’t, but also lose powerplay situations they should win.


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